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Return Policy

Please fill in the return form  here for our tracking purpose and notice us via email

Customers who wish to return or exchange any damaged item are responsible to ensure compliance with our policy below :

  • Customers are required to send in a written notice via email to us within 2 days of receiving the item for a valid exchange or return
  • Item returned must reach our premise within a week from the date of informing us
  • Item must be returned unused, unopened in original condition including taps, tag attached, labelled or packages. All items will be inspected upon return to us
  • We will not be responsible for any returned item that fails to reach us
  • Customers are required to e-mail us the Return Details to .The format of return details shall be as below :
Return Details
Sales Order Number:(the order number for the item that you want to send back)
Reason:(e.g. stain item/button missing)
Tracking Number:(your courier company tracking number)
Replacement Item:(tell us the item that you want to replace e.g. EB8801)


Important Notes

  • The return and replacement shipping fee will be borne by Easy Shops Online provided the return and replacement is due to Fake product, Damage or Stained item.
  • If a higher price item is requested as replacement for a returned item, the remaining balance have to be topped up by customer. Otherwise, if lower price item is selected. t
  • Easy Shops Online reserves the right to reject any returned goods that do not meet the stipulated Stock Return Policy.

Returnable/Exchangeable Condition Section

  • Items that are proven not genuine with a condition that the product has a way to verify the originality. ie : barcode scan / code to be checked on /HQ website.

Non-Returnable/Non-Exchangeable Condition Section

  • Product that customer claim not original without a proof. We only refund for product that is proven not genuine. ie : original code is not valid upon checking on brand's website.
  • Product that customer think is not giving any effect (or adverse effect such as irritation etc due to the customer skin condition). The effectiveness of the product is vary from each individuals.
  • Sold Out items are not available for exchange